Welcome to Gluten Free Supper! 

My journey to cooking started at a young age spending lots of time in the kitchen with both of my grandmothers- licking the cake batter spoon or making special requests (like honey glazed carrots) to my favorite short order cook.  While as a young adult my skill set and taste buds were pretty limited to easy mac or ramen noodles, slowly over time I became interested in healthy living and real food that I could make myself. I started to realize just how much I’d grown to love cooking and how simple it could be when I tried to re-create a delicious dish (seared scallops over risotto with basil oil) from one of my favorite local restaurants and figured out it wasn’t such a mystery after all.

Just as I was hitting my confidence in the kitchen and settling into a routine of cooking almost every night- my life took an unexpected turn. I started getting sick- without a clear explanation. It is hard to pinpoint the progression but it felt like out of nowhere feeling terrible was suddenly the norm.  I consider myself a problem solver for a living, so after many doctor’s visits without answers (including testing a negative for celiac- which I do not have) the inability to the fix this made me angry and exhausted.  I knew that food made me sick, so cooking and eating- usually joyful activities-became a source of fear and stress.  I was literally afraid to eat anything, trying to find the most simple and bland meals.  A long story short, I was able to determine that there wasn’t anything wrong internally and confirmed my suspicions that particular foods were the source of the problem.  So I decided to use my love for cooking to help me get better.  I instituted a “no eating out” rule, buckled down and started cooking.  I learned that I cannot tolerate gluten, and the jury’s still out on lactose. I taught myself how to get beyond the easy mac level of cooking, so I know I can take on the challenge of gluten free cooking.  Along the way I plan to write about my adventures and am I’m thankful I have a wonderful husband who is willing to taste test and not complain about the sudden changes to our supper time menu.

While the term “supper” isn’t common to my New York roots, a friend of mine always uses this description for meal time and there is something I find much more endearing in this name.  Both because it reminds me of lovely suppers with this person, but also because it makes me think of home-cooked food, made with ingredients you can recognize and cooked with lots of love.   I hope to share food that anyone will love to cook or appreciate if someone makes for them- gluten free living or not.