family of three sitting down at the table for dinner

How to Easily Feed a Family of 3 for Under $5 (Part One)

Note that these ideas are based around a family of 3 because that is my family size, but these tips can be applied to ANY family size no matter how big or small!

family of three sitting down at the table for dinner

How to Easily Feed a Family of 3 for Under $5

Who doesn’t want cheap family meals that are delicious and easy to make??

If you have a family of 3 like me, (especially if you have boys!) you probably know how difficult it can be to figure out how to easily feed a family delicious, hearty and healthy meals that the entire family will love while avoiding giving your entire paycheck to the grocery store each week!

It can also be difficult to find time to cook meals that your family will enjoy eating when you are busy. Whether you are a working parent, homeschooling parent, stay home parent or just a parent in general, your days are most likely jam-packed full of work, kid’s activities and the like. With as busy as we are day-to-day, it can really be tough to find the time AND energy to figure out how to easily feed a family and actually want to cook amazing meals.

I have been totally guilty of just grabbing expensive (and unhealthy!) fast food or buying nothing but heat-up convenience meals at the store in order to save time and save my sanity. However, that would always make me feel guilty. I felt like I could be doing much better health and budget-wise but just wasn’t sure how to easily feed a family cheap meals that they would actually love.

Finally, I decided enough is enough and I needed to find a way to EASILY feed my family on a reasonable budget without a bunch of extra work! After some research and careful planning, I was able to come up with a way to save LOTS of money on groceries each week. As well as make healthy and filling meals that my family will actually eat without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

woman in blue shirt with backpack pushing shopping cart through grocery store

I discovered a simple formula to use each week to save money on groceries!

I am a pretty type-A person which means I like to plan things and make lists. It felt good for me to be able to come up with a simple list of how to purchase groceries each week in order to maximize savings. Even if you are not a type-A person though, you can definitely benefit from this list because I also like to simplify things to make it less difficult since I can become easily overwhelmed.

Another way I simplify purchasing groceries is to order them online for grocery pickup through my local grocery store. Walmart also offers this awesome service and it is super easy to use!

You can use my simple formula for ordering groceries in order to save the most money each week! Before using my formula though, it is important to set up a realistic grocery budget.

Be sure to set a realistic budget for your family

If you are not sure what your budget should be, a good guideline is $100 per person per month. So a family of 3 would be around $300 dollars per month or $75 per week. Now if you have dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, etc., you may want to add a bit more. My family is gluten-free and we budget $400 per month. With 7 meals per week for 3 people, we tend to make meals for around $5 or less!* The rest of our budget includes beverages, snacks, staples, and stock-up items.

*Note that this formula is based on food only. We purchase food and household items separately in my home. If you would like to know how to save money on other household items, I will be creating that post soon so make sure to sign up for my email newsletter to be notified!

While you are using my formula to create your meal plan, you will want to keep your budget in mind. It’s a great idea to look at past receipts to gauge how much items cost. You can also look online or just give it your best estimate. If you are estimating, just be sure to estimate a bit high. As stated in the note above, we only purchase food each week. We purchase household items separately once per month. However, if you like to purchase everything together, go for it! Just bump your budget a bit to reflect those items.

My simple formula for saving money on groceries every week is available in part two here! Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter in the box above to snag your free printables. In part two, I will be showing you exactly how to use these printables to save lots of money!

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