About Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jessica and I am the writer behind Mama Saves. I started this blog in order to share my passion for saving money on groceries while eating gluten-free and living more frugally with anyone it would benefit. On Mama Saves I plan to share all the tips and tricks I have learned over my 34 years to save money on food and eat well on less.

My Story

At age 12 my parents divorced and I lived with my mom who survived off of a very tight income. It was then that I first learned how to live frugally out of necessity. We often only purchased food and clothing when it was at a deep discount and stocked up for the month. Our freezer was often full of $1 frozen dinners and our jeans for school came off the clearance rack at Dollar General.

My mom was great at finding deals to make her dollar stretch further but she also, unfortunately, learned poor money management from her parents and in turn passed that on to me. So later on when I was first living alone at age 18, I knew how to budget and grab a great deal, I just was not so great at sticking to that budget.

My Problem

It wasn’t until I was in my early to mid-twenties and married with my only child that we hit rock bottom financially and had to file for bankruptcy due to a huge pile of debt we had racked up. My husband’s parents had also struggled financially while he was growing up so he didn’t gain the best financial knowledge either. After the embarrassment and feeling of failure from the bankruptcy, I decided that something needed to change and drastically. We didn’t want to end up like our parents living paycheck to paycheck in their retirement years.

One of the biggest issues we had was spending so much money on food. I would go buy up to a month’s worth of groceries and never feel like cooking and ending up eating out constantly. That was insanely expensive, plus a lot of the groceries I purchased went to waste.

On top of that, around 2015, my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. Not a lot of restaurants near us are gluten-friendly so I needed to stop my horrible habit and start cooking more. Once I felt like I was getting into the swing of cooking again, we discovered that my son also had an intolerance to gluten so it was just easier for me to start eating gluten-free as well which meant very minimal eating out and much more groceries and cooking and more expensive groceries at that!

My Solutions

In doing research on trying to find ways to save more money and get rid of debt, I discovered Dave Ramsey. I had always had a passion for saving money and finding a great deal but now I was starting to also be passionate about personal finance and it felt great. If you don’t know much about Dave Ramsey, you can check him out here. He has basically come up with a simple “Baby Steps” program to help people out of debt and to build wealth. We have been following this plan for a few years now and have increased our income significantly as well as paid off some student loans and some other debts that weren’t included in the bankruptcy.

With my new passion for saving money and paying down debt thanks to Dave Ramsey, I was able to come up with ways to save money eating gluten-free. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but now after eating this way for 5 years, I have gained so much knowledge and am excited to pass that knowledge onto you!

My Future

Getting a good hold on our finances feels so freeing. Now I can stretch my dollar even further when I go grocery shopping because I am shopping with the money I have budgeted that is separate from savings and money used to pay down debt. It feels great!

The Goal of Mama Saves

I started Mama Saves to share all of the money-saving tips I have learned through Dave Ramsey as well as life experience because I would have loved to have a resource like this when I was first starting my financial journey. Here at Mama Saves, I hope to pass on the knowledge I have gained by eating gluten-free for 5 years. It does not have to be as expensive as you may think! Even if you do not eat gluten-free I am hoping that you will enjoy all of the budget-friendly recipes and free meal plans that I provide for you here!

I really hope you enjoy my site. Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to contact me at any time!